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V.B.R. - Reality
Námestie SNP 23
811 01 Bratislava

+421 905 432 331

About us
Since the fundation, we provide the service on really high level, mainly based on personal approach to the customers and irreplaceble experience in real esteta business. We are looking for individual solutions for xomplex or less normal cases.

We managed to build the compact team. It consist of pople, which are young and energetic as well as staff who has a lot of experiance in real estate field. The company deserved a confidence from their client, which always help to develop our business. To be successful in real estate business, do not hesitate to contact us and we will meet you requirements and needs.

We can offer you
If you selling or buing a studio, apartment, condo, land or house. Our company arrange the purchase, salle or lease the property in Bratislava and places around Bratislava. Our online database on the internet is updated several times in day.
We offer coprehensive service in sale or lease contracts, expert reports, proposal for input to cadastral, transfer of shareholders rights, tax advice. Our company with cooperation with many banks, also offer assistance with mortgage.

    We can offer for you
  • flexibility and seriousness
  • individual approach to customer
  • creation of sale and leased contacts
  • creation of expert reports
  • creation of proposal for cadastral
  • transfer shareholders rights
  • tax advice